Mike Karl & The Lowertown Project

encouraging others in faith

This is Michael Karl's first full length live band album of praise and worship covers. Mike resides in St. Cloud MN and for the last 30 years focused his musical passion  on directing a local contemporary church choir . It was time to heed the " the Call " however and move his faith and music to a more personal level. Developing a solo project and building and the LowerTown Music  Ministry has even a goal of his for years. It was time to make it happen. 


Growing up in the South Dakota he developed a love for music from a vibrant school music program causing him to begin college to major in music performance.  After a couple of years it business and finance interest took over as a better career option , but he still pursued study gin teh saxophone for 4 years, active in jazz ensembles, big band gigs, choral music, and soloing in coffee shops and clubs. Moving to MN for a job in investment and finance , but the passion for music never left and he was alive in directing a choral group and did some singing for 30 years. But just to show you're never to old, it was time to  take his faith journey to a new level. 

The CD launched 2019 and we were unable to share our music during Covid. We are anxious to come to your church or community event and share our message. 




Music & live video

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Press / Reviews

Thank you for making music! I never get tired of that voice!” - George Valezquez

— Rocky Road Video

Great performance, highly recommend this amazing group!! Praise God for this amazing gift.” - Pastor Mark

— Stockhold Lutheran Church

I have almost worn out my I-pad listening to you. Smooth!” - Lois Wendall

— Family friend.

Amazing sight and sound, humble discipleship message, good people. Thanks, old friend.” - Father Ron Garry

— long time high school friend